Cottage Madness: Round 4

Our championship round of #CottageMadness is finally here! And clearly the seeding committee did a great job, as our top two seeds will meet in the final round. No. 1 Orville C. Bumpus squeaked past No. 4 Jedediah Hotchkiss by just a few extra percentage points. Meanwhile, No 3. Bushrod Johnson, who many thought might just win the whole darn thing, was unable to pull it off, losing to No. 2 Pleasant Unthank by a margin of nearly 2:1. More like Unpleasant No Thanks, Bushrod was heard saying.

Voting is now open to determine once and for all who has the BEST CIVIL WAR NAME! Will it be Orville C. Bumpus, the mostly anonymous Civil War soldier, or will it be Pleasant Unthank, a Quaker who helped on the underground railroad? Only you can decide!!


View the bracket: Civil-War-Names-Bracket-Round-4

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