President Lincoln’s Cottage

Mailing Address (Not an Entrance):

President Lincoln’s Cottage

3700 North Capitol Street NW #558
Washington, DC 20011-8400


202-829-0436 extension 1



Staff Contacts

For general inquiries

please email: [email protected] or ext 1

For site rentals and private events

please contact [email protected], or ext 232

For accounts receivable/payable

please contact [email protected]

For membership and development inquiries

please contact Emma Tanner at [email protected]

For information on preservation and restoration projects

please contact Jeff Larry at [email protected]

For the main desk

please contact Joan Cummins at [email protected], or ext 227

For press, media or marketing inquiries

please contact Rebecca Kilborne at [email protected], or ext 228

For collections inquiries

please contact Joan Cummins at [email protected], or ext 223

For store inquiries

please contact [email protected] or ext 227