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You can experience Lincoln’s legacy and impact from afar with virtual offerings from President Lincoln’s Cottage. In addition to our on-site tours and programs, we provide a variety of digital resources and programs for students and teachers who want to participate remotely. Learn more about how you can get involved with our virtual experiences.

Virtual Field Trips

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The Open Field Project

(Grades 3-12)

While living at the Cottage, Lincoln wrestled with the biggest challenges of his presidency– including the development of the Emancipation Proclamation. The Open Field Project provides inspiration for students to reflect on their own civic priorities and take action on issues that are important to them.

In this virtual program, students bring Lincoln’s work into their learning spaces and plant an idea garden with their seeds of their own ideas. Guided by a museum facilitator and using their fully-stocked idea garden kit – sent in advance of the program – students learn about Lincoln’s thought process and record their own bold ideas on seed paper, plant them in soil from the Cottage’s own grounds, and watch them grow.

  • Program lasts 45 minutes and has a capacity of 30 students
  • Cost: $115
  • Video conference with kit of supplies sent in advance
  • Ideal for students learning in the classroom or from home remotely
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Seventh Street Challenge

(Grades 3-8)

Lincoln used his daily commute through the heart of Civil War Washington as an opportunity to reflect on the challenges of his presidency and to learn from those he encountered along the way. In the Seventh Street Challenge, students trace Lincoln’s route from the White House, up the 7th Street Turnpike, and home to the Cottage – participating in scavenger-hunt-style challenges to find thematic objects within their own homes as they go – and build their own capacity for meaningful daily problem-solving.

  • Program lasts 45 minutes and has a capacity of 30 students
  • Cost: $65
  • Video conference, student video preferred
  • Ideal for students learning from home remotely
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Virtual Lincoln’s Toughest Decisions

(Grades 8-12)

Abraham Lincoln’s presidency was marked by the development of big ideas and nation-changing actions. A key element of Lincoln’s collaborative process was to consult the ideas of those around him while leading the country through turmoil toward a new birth of freedom. Lincoln’s approach provides a model for students to develop their own decision-making skills as they strive to understand the value of conflicting ideas, building support to achieve positive change in modern society, and their own responsibility and power within their communities. In the adapted virtual version of Lincoln’s Toughest Decisions: Debating Emancipation—an award-winning program that exposes students to the different perspectives of President Lincoln’s adversaries, allies, and friends— students work in small groups to explore historical documents and recreate the heated discussions that President Lincoln had over emancipation.

  • Program lasts 2 hours and has a capacity of 60 students
  • Cost: $65 for up to 15 students, and $5 per additional student
  • Video conference, breakout rooms necessary
  • Ideal for students learning in the classroom or from home remotely
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From Abe-to-Z: A Q&A with President Lincoln’s Cottage Staff

(Grades K-12)

Students will connect with staff from the education department at President Lincoln’s Cottage via videoconference to learn more about the place where Abraham Lincoln spent a quarter of his presidency and developed the Emancipation Proclamation and have their questions answered about the nation’s 16th President, the Cottage itself, and Lincoln’s brave ideas.

  • Program lasts 30 minutes and has a capacity of 30 students
  • Cost: $30
  • Video conference
  • Ideal for students learning in the classroom or from home remotely
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Lesson Plans

These free printable exercises can be used by families and teachers, with one student at a time or with students in larger groups.

Idea Portraits (ages 6-10)

Inspired by Lincoln’s use of the Cottage as a place to develop big ideas, students create self-portraits to document their own idea-generation process and the ideas floating around in their heads.

Family Trees (ages 5 and up)

Using an illustration of the Osage orange tree that grows adjacent to the Cottage, students create a family tree that celebrates the many people, values, and qualities that make up their family.

Tell Your Immigration Story (ages 9 and up)

Lincoln recognized immigrants as one of America’s greatest resources, and believed in America’s founding promises offering them a chance to succeed. In this activity, students research and trace their family’s immigration journey to the United States and reflect on what it means to be American.


Program scholarships are available to Title 1 Maryland and Virginia schools on a first come, first served basis. President Lincoln’s Cottage is pleased to offer program scholarships thanks to the generous support of the Pulvermann Trust, the Newburger-Schwartz Family Foundation, and the Richard Schwartz Family Foundation.

To inquire about these scholarships, please contact the Programs Department at [email protected]

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