Cottage Madness: Round 2

Day 1 of our Cottage Madness competition is in the books. Just like this year’s NCAA Tournament, there were not too many upsets in the first round. In fact the only upset by seed was No. 9 Ambrose Burnside over No. 8 Sojourner Truth. Perhaps an upset in our heart, No. 16 Honest Abe will not be making the Elite Eight. Instead No. 1 seed Orville C. Bumpus cruised to the next round with an easy win over the 16th president. Bumpus vs. Burnside will be a back-breaking, beautiful, bombastic battle. The next matchup in our second round is also alliterative. No. 4 Hotchkiss, Jedediah mapped his way to a victory over No. 13 Ulysses S. Grant, and will face off with No. 5 Hooker, “Fighting” Joseph, who dispatched No. 12 Mary Chestnut faster than he did the Confederates at the Battle of Williamsburg. In the bottom half of the bracket, No. 6 P.G.T. Beauregard beat his confederate Confederate No. 11 Braxton Bragg, humbling Bragg in the process. He’ll face off against the hottest name in the tournament, No. 3 Bushrod Johnson, who demolished No. 14 Thomas Jackson’s stonewall. In the 7 vs. 10 matchup of Winfield Scotts, the Hancock made all the difference, as the Pennsylvanian defeated the Virginian. Poor Old Fuss and Feathers. Lastly, No. 15 Jubal Early won’t be thanking No. 2 Pleasant Unthank anytime soon, as he was sorely defeated by the abolitionist.

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