Cottage Madness: Round 3

Day 2 of our #CottageMadness is in the books. And just like Day 1’s results, our voters clearly love the favorites. No. 1 Seed Orville C. Bumpus shaved off No. 9 Ambrose Burnside, winning with 2/3 of the votes. He’ll face off against No. 4 Jedediah Hotchkiss, who also won 2/3 of the vote in his matchup with No. 5 Fighting Joseph Hooker. Joe just does not like Virginians. In the bottom half of the bracket, we had both our most lopsided and closest Round 2 competitions. No. 3 Bushrod Johnson had the lowest percentage of any winner, as the four names of No. 6 Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard put up quite the fight. But General Johnson prevailed, just like how the Union eventually recaptured Fort Sumter despite Beauregard’s initial victory. Lastly, No. 2 Pleasant Unthank reminded everyone why he was seeded so high to begin with, as he steamrolled No. 7 Winfield Scott Hancock with over 83{ec117f0059f8cde3a5e4f5b3c1b486659702d407977a37ffc575d2c0a9b4a69f} of the vote. Ironically, Hancock lost the popular vote in the 1880 Presidential election by .02{ec117f0059f8cde3a5e4f5b3c1b486659702d407977a37ffc575d2c0a9b4a69f}, so when he loses he either loses big or small.

While we had to say goodbye to some great names, our final four matchups are quite incredible. Who will win between Orville C. Bumpus and Jedediah Hotchkiss? And will Bushrod Johnson or the only Unionist left Pleasant Unthank advance to the championship? Their fate is in your hands.


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