March 2022 Newsletter

Director’s Letter

Dear Friends,

The last two weeks have again shaken the foundations of our everyday life. With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we are witnessing the largest ground offensive in Europe since the Second World War. Vladimir Putin has suggested more than once that he might use nuclear weapons, and he has criminalized objective reporting on the war, audaciously outlawing the use of particular words to try to control the narrative about his unprovoked attack
on his neighbors.

Sadly, this bold manifestation of authoritarianism is not new. Different non-partisan organizations are documenting the same disturbing trend: Everyday, human rights are being eroded, and authoritarian governments and leaders are expanding in number and influence. And this has been the pattern around the world for at least the last five years. Putin’s authoritarian disregard for democratic values like the right to free expression and information is—sadly—becoming the norm.

We preserve President Lincoln’s Cottage as a home for brave ideas and work to inspire all people to continue the struggle for freedom. And certainly, Abraham Lincoln understood his key objective to be preserving the American republic as an outstanding example of democracy. As he said at Gettysburg:

“We here highly resolve that this nation, under God, shall have a new
birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people,
for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Government of, by, and for the people is under violent attack in Ukraine, and the attack on human rights and democratic values is spreading. Some thinkers have even suggested that the conflict between authoritarianism and democracy is the principal struggle of our time. And while there are no quick or easy solutions, we all must rise to the defense of democratic values, where respectful dialogue—not bullets, bombs, and missiles—is how we address our differences. This is how we vouchsafe a new birth of freedom.


Bourbon & Bluegrass 2022 Tickets go Live

The event will take place on the afternoons of May 21st and May 22nd, in person and better than ever!

Tickets and info here.

OUT TODAY: A New Episode Q&Abe Season 4

Did Lincoln play basketball? We answer this visitor question and investigate Lincoln as an athlete in Q&Abe episode 4.3 OUT TODAY.

This season also includes episodes on Lincoln and race, and the decision not to furnish President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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Last Months for Students to Apply to our 2022 SOS Summit

Encourage the young activists in your life to apply for our 2022 Students Opposing Slavery (SOS) International Summit (June 26-July 1, 2022). The deadline to apply is April 8, 2022.

Lincoln Cottage Kids Playing with Yarn

SOS is a program, developed by creative and motivated high school students, to continue Abraham Lincoln’s fight for freedom by addressing issues of modern slavery. Every year young activists from around the globe come together for a week-long summit where they tackle a problem facing contemporary abolitionists. In 2016, SOS received the Presidential Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons. Read more.

Tickets Now Available to our Lincoln Ideas Forum on Grief

Grief is part of our origin story at President Lincoln’s Cottage. After losing their 11- year-old son Willie in February of 1862, Abraham and Mary Lincoln sought a place to grieve quietly, so they moved to the Cottage at the Soldier’s Home.

Join us on April 13th, as we bring together experts, scholars, and the public to cultivate fierce compassion for the bereaved in a society that shies away from death and sorrow during our 2022 Lincoln Ideas Forum.

Tickets here.

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