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International Summit

The signature SOS program is the annual International Summit. Launched in 2013 as a way for young abolitionists to network with their peers, the Summit takes place for a week in late June. During the Summit, participants engage with survivors of modern slavery, modern abolitionists working in the anti-slavery field, and each other, to create campaigns that they will launch in their own schools to raise awareness and get others involved in the contemporary fight against slavery.

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Please email [email protected] with questions about the 2024 summit.

– Abhishek, India. 2014 International Summit participant.

I believe that each and every one of us can end human trafficking. So when I went inside Lincoln’s Cottage, I felt as if Lincoln… he talked about his unfinished work, you know. He understood that slavery hadn’t completely ended. I feel that he was passing the torch on to us. And I believe that we will [be], and we are, the generation that says enough.

– Natasha, Washington D.C. 2013 SOS International Summit participant.

Something I took away from the Summit was the power of the youth. I might not realize it, but students like us have an enormous capability to change our world through social media. We can be responsible consumers, use pop culture to send the right messages, and educate our peers. The fight against modern slavery has countless routes by which we can make a change, and that’s what I love about being a part of this movement.

– Grace, Indonesia. 2013 SOS International Summit participant.

Every day [at the Summit] I learned something new.  From the presentations, I learned what modern slavery looks like in the United States, Europe and Asia. From the speakers and my fellow participants, I got a lot of fresh ideas about what I can do back in my country.

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