March 2021 Newsletter



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Dear Friends,

On March 13, 2020 we gathered some things we might need from our offices and readied ourselves to work from home during what we anticipated to be a two-week closure for the incipient Covid-19 public health crisis.  In a recent team meeting, our staff reflected on the spectators who gathered at the Battle of Bull Run expecting a swift Union victory. Similar to them, we had no idea of the magnitude of the crisis we faced. And, perhaps we still don’t.

A year later, the world looks vastly different.  We have closed and reopened twice to keep our community safe. Like so many, we are experiencing the individual and collective grief that grips our country.  On a programmatic level, we have exerted our creativity to come up with responsive programs, messaging and experiences, and, like others, we have mastered the art of the Zoom meeting.  In many ways, we are more determined than we were a year ago.  Our tours are different, but our doors are open, and each day that we are here – on these grounds that nurtured the Lincolns during national crisis – we are thankful for that opportunity.

And yet, this deepened understanding of impermanence gives rise to a glimmer of hope.  While walking around the Cottage yesterday, I noticed the crocuses are beginning to show themselves. Many of the vulnerable people we know are beginning to have appointments for vaccines. These small signs, coming after the melancholies of pandemic winter, remind us of Lincoln’s words on slavery and emancipation, “The power of hope upon human exertion, and happiness, is wonderful.”

So this March, we wish you all hope. We join you in looking forward to new wisdom and new beginnings, while keeping an eye on the lessons of the past.

Thank you all for your continued support of the Cottage throughout this difficult year.



Understanding Mary Lincoln

March is Women’s History Month, a good opportunity to reevaluate women who have been unfairly maligned by history.  We encourage all of you to deepen your understanding of Mary Lincoln when you listen to Q&Abe episode 3.2 which explores the mental health of the First Lady and the effect of bereavement on her life and reputation.
Click here to listen to the episode, or download on your favorite podcast app.


Store Spotlight: Honoring Women’s History

We recommend the following items from our store to celebrate Women’s History Month:

  • Mrs. Lincoln by Catherine Clinton, a nuanced look at our favorite first lady
  • The Girl Who Ran by Kristina Yee, the story of Bobbi Gibbit who defied social convention to become the first woman to run the Boston Marathon
  • String dolls, our handmade string dolls of amazing women are perfect for backpacks, purses, or keychains.
  • Socks, our socks featuring Rosie the Riveter and Harriet Tubman allow you to show off your love for inspiring women
Our store is open and curbside pickup is available. Email to place an order or call 202-829-0436.

Our 2021 Students Opposing Slavery Application is OPEN!

In this year’s summit, students from around the world will come together to solve an actual problem that anti-trafficking experts are currently facing.

Please alert the young activists in your lives that registration for the summit is now open.  Applications are due May 10th.

Apply here.

President Lincoln’s Cottage in the News

  • Washingtonian promoted the Civil War poetry event , a partnership program with the Folger Shakespeare Library, as a recommended way to celebrate Black History Month.
  • The Washington Post also featured the poetry event with the Folger Shakespeare Library in the Best Bets weekend section (print edition).
  • Mommy Poppins included the Cottage in a list of indoor attractions that have reopened.


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