"In Pursuit of Emancipation" Exhibit Ends April 30th

By Erin Carlson Mast

In Pursuit of Emancipation Special Exhibit.“If my name ever goes into history, it will be for this act, and my whole soul is in it.”
-Abraham Lincoln

The inaugural special exhibit, In Pursuit of Emancipation: Documenting Lincoln’s Decision to Proclaim Freedom, at President Lincoln’s Cottage, ends April 30th, 2008.  The exhibit opened to the public as part of the Grand Opening Ceremony on February 18th.

In Pursuit of Emancipation Special Exhibit.This exhibition features over a dozen manuscripts and artifacts on loan from The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, The Massachusetts Historical Society, and The National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution. The show looks at the evolution of Lincoln’s policy of emancipation from compensated, gradual emancipation with voluntary colonization, to an amendment abolishing slavery, as well as reactions and consequences of his policies. Highlights of the exhibit include a rare copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Lincoln, the ink set he used in drafting the proclamation, and the pen he used to sign the proclamation.

Visitors to President Lincoln’s Cottage can enjoy the special exhibit up until it closes at the end of this month.

In Pursuit of Emancipation: Documenting Lincoln’s Decision to Proclaim Freedom
Open to the public: February 19, 2008 – April 30, 2008
Location: Special Exhibit Gallery in the Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center
President Lincoln’s Cottage at the Soldiers’ Home
Visitor Center Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9:30am-5:30pm; Sunday, 11:30am-5:30pm

For visitor information, hours, and how to purchase tickets visit the website: www.lincolncottage.org

Ms. Erin Mast is Curator at President Lincoln’s Cottage.
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