Cub Scouts Visit President Lincoln’s Cottage

By Leslie Bouterie

On Saturday, February 14, a group of young Lincoln enthusiasts paid a visit to President Lincoln’s Cottage.  Nine Cub Scouts from Pack 90 from Blessed Sacrament School in Washington, D.C. participated in the “Lincoln’s Hat” program, which combines history and fun.

Donning top hats, the scouts first enjoyed a reading of the story of Abraham Lincoln, the lawyer, who stored papers and notes in his iconic top hat.  After hearing the story, the scouts participated in a custom tour of the Cottage with one of the site’s museum educators.

Pack 90 visits the Abe at the Cottage

The Cub Scouts of Pack 90 visit Abe at the Cottage

The outing continued in the exhibition galleries with a questionnaire-based scavenger hunt. These well-versed history buffs scampered around the galleries, looking for clues and answers. They enthusiastically embraced the game and kept the museum educator and parent chaperones on their toes. Parent and Pack Leader, Keith Morrison, commented afterwards that the boys and parents “absolutely loved” the visit.

Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups are encouraged to visit President Lincoln’s Cottage to enjoy special programs, Cottage tours, and other activities. Details about “Lincoln’s Hat” and other school and youth programs may be found on the website.  /

Ms. Bouterie is an Historical Interpreter at President Lincoln’s Cottage.
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