Cottage Madness: Best Civil War Facial Hair Round 2

Thank you everyone for voting in Round 1 of #CottageMadness 2019! The results are in, and we got some movers and shakers. Though most favorites won, we did have one upset, as a General and future president knocked down one of the pointiest mustaches in the bracket.

Read below for the results from Round 1, and CLICK HERE FOR ROUND TWO VOTING! Reminder, the deadline to to vote in this poll is Thursday at midnight!

Updated Bracket: Civil War Facial Hair Bracket — Round 2

Round 1 Results

1. Ambrose Burnside (96.72{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350} of vote) vs. 16. David Davis (3.28{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350})

Sometimes the seeding process can be difficult. Other times, the committee gets it right. Our Number 1 overall seed Ambrose Burnside was a clear favorite in round one, dominating the Supreme Court Justice David Davis. Baillif, take him away.

8. Charles Redmond Douglass (49.21{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}) vs. 9. Abraham Lincoln (50.79{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350})

No. 9 seeds beat No. 8 seeds so often, it’s hard to call this an upset. And when the Commander-in-Chief of the Civil War is No. 9, it’s not a surprise when the eighth seed goes down. But Douglass did not go down without a fight — Lincoln prevailed by just a single vote! So for those of you on the fence about voting, your vote can sway an entire matchup!

5. James Presley Ball (70.49{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}) vs. 12. Jubal Early (29.51{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350})

As a preeminent African American photographer of the 19th century, Ball knew all about looking good in front of the camera. So it was no surprise that he won handily over Jubal Early, who left this tournament about as quickly as he did Washington, D.C. in 1864.

4. Edwin Stanton (80.33{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}) vs. 13. Horace Greeley (19.67{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350})

Behind the juggernaut Burnside, Lincoln’s top Secretary of War got the second highest vote share in any matchup. The neck beard of Greeley clearly couldn’t scratch its way to victory.

6. Alpheus Starkey Williams (48.33{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}) vs. 11. Ulysses S. Grant (51.67{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350})

The only true upset of the first round! Was it Grant’s stately appearance with his impecciable beard? His importance as Union general (and later president)? The sweet story of his letters to his wife? Whatever it was, the Hero of Appomattox upset another Union general despite Williams’s impressive ‘stache.

3. Rosewell Sabine Ripley (69.93{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}) vs. 14. William Harvey Carney (36.07{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350})

Though General Williams was upset, there was no stopping Rosewell Sabine Ripley’s mustache. The relatively subtle facial hair of Sgt. Carney could not withstand the pointy ends of Ripley’s facial hair, believe it or not.

7. Peter Cooper (77.05{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}) vs. 10. George Pickett (22.95{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350})

Peter Cooper might only be a seven seed, but he looked pretty sharp in Round 1, even if his beard is a bit wild. He defeated George Pickett, who just couldn’t take charge of this Round 1 matchup.

2. Gideon Welles (62.30{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}) vs. 15. William Hammond (37.70{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350})

Gideon Welles was one of Lincoln’s staunchest defenders, but the voters in this tournament were not too staunch in voting for him. He “only” received 62{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350} of the vote against fellow Unionist William Hammond. Perhaps Father Neptune will bring his sea power to bear in Round 2?


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