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The passing of a statesman creates a unique moment of reflection — on the individual, on politics, and on the nation. With the recent passing of Senator John McCain came assessments of his long political career, commentary on bipartisanship, and suggestions that his passing was the end of an era of politics. With President Lincoln, the eulogies reflected on his career, the war, and the lamentations of unfinished work — his passing, too, had the added, painful dimension of his life being cut short by an assassins bullet. Comments in the wake of each spoke not only to the past, and to the present reality each statesman helped shape, but anticipated how one would be remembered in the future. Phrases said of Lincoln such as, “He belongs to the ages” — or angels — are a reminder that how history will view a person, a moment, or an era is never far from our minds.

How one eulogizes another can also throw into sharp relief one’s own views of self and priorities. Perhaps Abraham Lincoln’s best-known eulogy was of a statesman for whom he had tremendous admiration, fellow Kentuckian Henry Clay. Scholars have noted that in eulogizing Clay, Lincoln was not only paying homage to a great statesman, but also describing how he saw himself. That when Lincoln said Clay “burned with a zeal for [the nation’s] advancement, prosperity, and glory, because he saw in such the advancement, prosperity, and glory of human liberty, human right, and human nature,” Lincoln was asserting that he himself felt the same way. His path was very different from Clay’s, not least of all because Lincoln was always anti-slavery and Clay was a lifelong slave owner. Lincoln was also born into relative poverty while Clay into relative wealth, and Lincoln ascended to the Presidency while Clay never did. And yet, not unlike how politicians of many stripes have favorably eulogized the late Senator McCain, Lincoln declared tremendous admiration Clay’s political leadership.

While August may symbolize the end of an era, September always ushers in a welcome season of deeper learning and new experiences. At President Lincoln’s Cottage, we have a series of unique opportunities to reflect, to learn, and to be engaged citizens. Whether you’re looking for a new book on leadership, or an opportunity to blow-off steam enjoying satire like Lincoln, or you want to run the grounds that so inspired Lincoln, we have something for you. And we hope you enjoy it.



Ten Things Lincoln Saw on His Commute

This year the Cottage is celebrating ten years of being open to the public. As part of #TenYearsofPLC, we’re bringing you various top ten lists related to Lincoln and the Cottage. This month, we focused on Lincoln’s commute, including a biking tour. Curious about what he would’ve seen on his commute? Here’s a comparison of then vs. now with the top ten things Lincoln saw on his commute. CLICK HERE.


September 8- $10 admission day

September 18- Two Faces Comedy night

September 22- Homecoming


Back by popular demand, President Lincoln’s Cottage and the DC Improv bring you Two Faces Comedy, a series of comedy nights that transform Lincoln’s drawing room into a comedy den. Our September night on Tuesday, September 18th will feature Porkchop Volcano, a local short-term improv troupe. Stay tuned for upcoming October and November dates.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 18

TIME: 7:30 PM

COST: $5


For more information on the event, click here.


WHEN: Saturday, September 22

For the second time, we’re combining our two popular events, the Freedom 5K and Family Day, into one full day of racing and family fun: Homecoming. During the Civil War the Lincoln family called the Cottage home. This year we welcome everyone back “home” to join us for a full day of activities where you can run, walk, and play like Lincoln.

While entrance is FREE, we do ask that you register.

Click here to register and for more details.


Attention runners, joggers, and walkers! Registration is still open for our fifth annual Freedom 5K on September 22. The race starts at 9 AM, and kicks off our entire day of family fun, Homecoming.

Traverse a pastoral landscape that winds past ponds, fields, historic buildings, and vistas on this breath-taking course. The run culminates on the foot of the lawn at President Lincoln’s Cottage, where a ceremony will take place. The annual Freedom 5K is an exclusive opportunity for members of the public to race through the 250-acre grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home – home to hundreds of veterans– in Northwest Washington, DC. Proceeds and donations from the run support the mission of President Lincoln’s Cottage, a private nonprofit organization. Prizes for the top three men and women include memberships, tour vouchers, and even free tickets to our most popular Bourbon & Bluegrass event.

Click here for more information on the race.

WHEN: Saturday, September 22 TIME: 9 AM

COST: $35 until online registration closes on September 20 at 8:00 pm, then will be $40 through race day. REGISTER TODAY. 

Friends of the Cottage! Use promo code 18LINCOLN at check-out to receive 10{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350} off registration.


This year marks 10 years of President Lincoln’s Cottage being open to the public — celebrate with us!

To celebrate 10 years, we’ll be offering tickets at select dates for only $10.

On September 8th, we’re participating in Celebrate Petworth. Check out the neighborhood festival, then walk up Upshur to the Cottage for reduced $10 admission all day ($5 for children and members).


WHEN: Saturday, September 8

WHO: Everyone

Staff Spotlight: Events Manager, Sahand Miraminy

Since it’s the end of August and wedding season is upon us, we thought we’d sneak in a short interview with the man behind the proverbial curtain. PLC staff sat down with Sahand Miraminy, the man, the myth, the events coordinating legend, to talk to him about his Cottage evolution, and how he balances singing, decorating, and running the entire site rental program from his (beautifully styled) office. Oh, and did we mention he saves cats, too?

Read the full interview here. 



Museum Store Update: New Books on Leadership

This month in the Museum Store we’re welcoming new additions to our library. Museum Store Associate Lacey Shaw explains:

As a home for brave ideas, President Lincoln’s Cottage offers a variety of educational programs for children and teenagers. These programs take the challenges Lincoln faced and the ideas he had here at the Cottage, and apply them to modern-day issues. As such, we seek to aid children and teens exploring what really matters to them, learning how to be leaders in their own community just as Lincoln was in his. For the store spotlight this month, we’re excited to feature four new books that we feel help carry that idea out into the classroom or home.

The first series is Building Leadership by Mariam G. MacGregor, which includes “All Kids” and “All Teens” versions. Aiming to encourage youth of all ages to step up and become leaders, this series features leadership skills inventories and both individual and group activities.

The second series is What Do You Stand For? by Barbara A. Lewis with “For Teens” and “For Kids” editions. This title encourages young people to think about what truly matters to them, what values they wish to uphold, and most importantly, how they can do so. Filled with true stories, activities, and self reflection quizzes, this series is an excellent resource for exploring values with your student or child.

To purchase any of these books, stop by the Museum Store located in the Visitor Education Center during regular operating hours (9:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday) or call 202-829-0436 extension 0.



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