What is Your Slavery Footprint?

Slavery Footprint

President Lincoln’s Cottage has been dedicated to raising awareness and combating human trafficking as way of advancing Lincoln’s legacy and fight for freedom. This awareness work has included our award-winning special exhibit Can You Walk Away?our Students Opposing Slavery initiative, partnering with NGOs such as Polaris Project, and  working with government agencies like the Department of Education.

President Lincoln’s Cottage is clearly not alone in the effort to curb modern-day slavery. Much like the abolitionist effort of the 18th and 19th centuries, it takes a multitude of methods to raise awareness and undercut human bondage in today’s world.

Made in a Free World has a unique awareness-raising tool that estimates your “slavery footprint”, which is the approximate number of people around world enslaved to make products you use every day. The staff at President Lincoln’s Cottage took the slavery footprint test, and although not a perfect measure, it is a powerful tool in provoking thought and discussion on what products we use and who is enslaved to produce them.

Take the Slavery Footprint test for yourself.


Here are the anonymous results of the Cottage staff:

Staff Member Slavery Footprint
A 22
B 30
C 30
D 31
E 34
F* 36
G 37
H* 40
I 46
J 48
K 66

*staff member included products they bought for their children in test results.

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