Washingtonian: You Really Should Check Out President Lincoln's Cottage

A new CEO wants more people to visit one of DC’s most fascinating places.

By Rob Brunner

The statue you know rises 29 feet in the air, solemn and godlike, seated inside the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall. But consider, for a moment, a different Lincoln image. This modest statue is located five or so miles away, and there’s no massive platform, no imposing set of stairs. It’s just a man standing next to his horse, life-size and frozen in a routine moment: Lincoln as a human being.

The Lincoln Memorial is one of DC’s most famous attractions, while this other statue is decidedly off the tourist track. But if you want to spend some time contemplating the meaning of the great President’s legacy, here is the one to seek out. It stands in front of President Lincoln’s Cottage, a Gothic Revival house near Petworth where the President and his family spent many months during his tenure in office. The statue captures Lincoln as he looked on those anxious summer mornings when he would saddle up and gallop off toward the White House. And the house itself, which is open to the public, offers a similarly relatable view of the President and his family.

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