Washington City Paper: The D.C. Guide to the 2018-19 Government Shutdown

Get free food, apply for utility assistance, help your struggling neighbors, exercise, clean your closets, volunteer, shout your anger into a phone.

City Paper launched this as a guide for furloughed federal employees, but it has become a resource for many more people—especially the thousands who earn their living in government-adjacent careers, like taxi and Uber drivers, people who work at downtown eateries and hair salons, and of course, contact workers, such as the security guards at Smithsonian museums. On Jan. 11 we swapped out the original article title, which was “The Furloughed Federal Employee’s Guide to the 2019 Shutdown in D.C.”

Whether you need food and financial assistance, a decent place to get internet all day, or discounted theater tickets, we hope you find something here. We’ve also begun to add ways to help those in need of food and other resources. We’ll update this page regularly with additional information for as long as necessary.

Alexa Mills

Shutdown day number: After 35 days, we’re in a three-week shutdown reprieve.

New resources during shutdown reprieve:

  • Catholic Charities is offering financial assistance for rent, essential home supplies, medical services, and transportation. Participants also get a warm meal, snack bag, and a week’s worth of food. Come with a valid government employee or federal contractor ID and documentation of the bills you need covered.


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