Washington Post Weekend: Rememberence and reflection on the anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination

“On Monday, Lincoln’s Cottage will mark the anniversary of Lincoln’s last visit to the grounds by having a group of equestrians, including the ceremonial Fort Myer Caisson Platoon, ride from the White House to the cottage. (See map for the exact route.) The procession will ride in the middle of the street, so it can be observed from sidewalks or from two special vantage points, the Howard University Plaza and the Shaw Library Plaza, where there will be poetry readings and other interactive events.”

By Fritz Hahn, originally published for The Washington Post Weekend – Going Out Guide. Read full article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/goingoutguide/rememberence-and-reflection-on-the-anniversary-of-lincolns-assassination/2015/04/09/ffa8856a-d97f-11e4-8103-fa84725dbf9d_story.html.

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