Looking for an easy ride to or from the Cottage? Uber, a professional driver service that is fast and reliable, is a great option!

If you sign up for Uber through www.uber.com/go/honestabe, your first UberX, UberBlack, or UberSUV ride is FREE up to $20.
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Uber? Uber is a company that allows anyone to request a ride via mobile app, text message, or the web. Drivers arrive curbside in just minutes, you can track the arrival of your ride, you’ll receive a text message when your driver arrives, the credit card on file is charged after your ride, and you will receive an email receipt detailing your trip.

How do I create an account?
1. Visit www.uber.com/go/honestabe

2. Enter in account information (name, phone number, email, credit card information).

3. If using a smart phone, download app via the app store.

How do I order a car?
1. Open the Uber app and follow the instructions to sign up.

2. Choose your preferred vehicle using the selector at the bottom of the screen.

3. Position the pin on the map where you would like to be picked up. You can also press the location bar and manually type in your location.

4. Tap the “Set Pickup Location” button.

5. Confirm your pickup details on the following screen.

6. If you no longer need your ride, click “Cancel”. Rides cancelled after 5 minutes will incur a $10 cancellation fee.

How do I pay? No need to pay or tip your driver: Uber stores your credit card on file, so payments are automatic and hassle free.

What are the rates?
UberX ($5 minimum fare): $3.50 Base Charge + either $2.10/ mile rate (11+ MPH) OR $.40/min rate (under 11 MPH).
UberBLACK ($12 minimum fare): $7 Base Charge+ either $3.25/ mile rate (11+ MPH) OR $.75/min rate (under 11 MPH).
UberSUV ($25 minimum fare): $14 Base Charge + either $4/ mile rate (11+ MPH) OR $.90/min rate (under 11 MPH).Flat rates available for trips to Dulles Airport, Baltimore Washington International Airport, and downtown Baltimore.

For more information on how Uber works, visit www.support.uber.com.

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