Two Faces Comedy Series

“I leave it to my audience: If I had two faces,
would I be wearing this one?”

– Abraham Lincoln, 1858

Back by popular demand, and drawing inspiration from Abraham Lincoln’s legendary humor and self-deprecation, President Lincoln’s Cottage and The DC Improv are again partnering to present Two Faces Comedy, the first comedy series to transform Lincoln’s living room into a comedy den. (Check out our feature in the DCist!)

This will be a series of three comedy nights, the first of which is September 27. The October 17 performance is a kids night featuring ComedySportz, an improv troupe, and the last night will be in November (dates coming soon!)

NIGHT 1- Veterans Comedy Night: September 27 @7:30PM

What more perfect a place to host a comedy night headlined by veterans than at the Old Soldiers’ Home, where Lincoln met and laughed with dozens of Civil War soldiers? Enjoy the humorous stylings of comedians Michael Garvey (Marines), Tim Miller (Army), Kj Pettersen (Marines), and Cerrome Russell (Marines).

A bit more about the comedians:

Michael Garvey (Marines) has a made the journey from Iraq and Afghanistan, where he earned the Purple Heart, to comedy stages across the country. Since getting his start in 2015, he has turned sources of frustration into comedy gold and he performs regularly with his service dog Liberty. Michael has performed at the Obama White House and recently opened for Bob Saget.

Tim Miller‘s (Army) aggressive but endearing comedy style creates a show worth seeing more than once. His life as a sheltered son of Pentecostal ministers from Waco, Texas, and working at the White House (during three administrations) has made for an energetic show that combines a dynamic stage presence with an energetic delivery.

Kj Pettersen (Marines), born and raised as a cheese-totting Wisconsinite, served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves for over 6 years and the U.S. Peace Corps for 2.5 years. She began doing stand-up with a veteran arts organization in the DC area called the Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) in 2015 and has since then performed at venues across and beyond DC. She currently runs and hosts a monthly, military-veteran focused comedy show in the DMV (@SmokinJokinDC), and continues working with ASAP, now as a lead instructor for their stand-up comedy bootcamp (

Quick update: Veteran Haywood Turnipseed Jr. (Air Force) will take Cerrome Russell’s place.

$5 per show

Cash Bar: Beer and wine available for $5 a drink at each show

This comedy series is recommended for adult audiences.


NIGHT 2- Kids Night with ComedySportz: October 17 @5:30PM

The second comedy night will feature ComedySportz, an improv comedy crew, and is for kids!

ComedySportz is a comedy troupe that specializes in short-form improv games. This show features child-sized versions of those games, hosted by a Kids Coach. It’s a great event for kids as young as first grade. Younger kids enjoy being able to shout out during a show, and older kids (even teenagers) enjoy being given the chance to go crazy onstage.

ComedySportz understands that comedy can be enjoyed by people of all ages without having to be offensive– that’s why all shows under the ComedySportz banner are “clean.”

Ages 5 and up: $5

Below 5: FREE

Refreshments available for purchase. Cash only.


NIGHT 3- “Malice Toward None” with Bengt Washburn: November 7 @7:30PM

Lincoln was one of our funniest presidents, and he earned that distinction without relying on attack humor. For our third night, we bring you a comedian who knows how to get big laughs without being mean. To borrow a phrase from Abe, it’s proof that comedy can still work beautifully “with malice toward none.”

About Bengt Washburn:

Bengt Washburn is an Aquarius with hazel eyes who prefers boxer briefs, solid deodorants, and Crest toothpaste. He is 5’9″ tall, weights about 149 pounds and can bench 150 pounds three times without a spotter. He has a vertical leap of 16 inches. 8 years ago a lump appeared on his right thigh. It’s not visible from the stage but according to some kids at the water park, it looks creepy. Many people say Bengt looks kind of like a monkey.

Bengt Washburn was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but grew up in a large Utah town (1,200 people) as the fifth child in a small Mormon family (7 children). Bengt is married to an officer in the United States Airforce. They have lived in 6 different cities over the last eleven years. Most recently he moved to Sprinfield, Virginia (Washington DC) after living in Stuttgart, Germany for 3 years.

Bengt is a former winner of the prestigious San Francisco International Comedy Competition. He has been seen on The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusen, Live at Gotham on Comedy Central and most recently Conan on TBS. He was invited to perform at the Vancouver International Comedy Festival, The Boston Comedy Festival, the Aspen Laff Festival and Gilda’s Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He’s been heard on NPR, PRI and Bob and Tom. All three of his comedy CDs can be heard playing on XM Sirius radio.

Most people who know him would say Bengt is a logistically impaired ditz, but his comedy is described as intelligent, surprisingly universal considering the content matter and the profoundly funny.

$5 per show

Cash Bar: Beer and wine available for $5 a drink at each show

This comedy series is recommended for adult audiences.


DISCLAIMER: the views and opinions expressed by the performers do not necessarily reflect those of President Lincoln’s Cottage

Sorry, no refunds. 

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