Today's Date in the Life of Lincoln

by Matt Ringelstetter 

Interested in a daily record of the life of our 16th President? The Lincoln Log provides a day to day report on what Lincoln was doing and where on a specific day in his life.  Created by the staff at the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, the website incorporates Lincoln Day-by-Day: A Chronology, compiled by the Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission with the cooperation and support of the Abraham Lincoln Association and published by the Government Printing Office in 1960.

The log includes both official Presidential matters from Lincoln’s later years, as well as more commonplace, daily activities such as letters he wrote or items he purchased.

The log even includes activities from here at the Cottage. On today’s date in 1862, the President met with the wife of General Samuel P. Heintzelman at the Soldiers’ Home.  The two dicussed the General’s opposition to withdrawal of the Army of Potomac from McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign.

Mr. Matt Ringelstetter is a summer 2007 intern at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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