The Washington Post: Lincoln’s Cottage-Possibly the worst presidential retreat, but a cool place to visit nonetheless


Though rowhouses long ago replaced the pastures that once surrounded President Lincoln’s Cottage, the Gothic Revival mansion is still in the middle of nowhere. The cottage stands a mile from the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro station, so I attempted to bike there from my home in Southeast D.C. That didn’t go well. Due to faulty Google directions that would have had me scaling locked gates, I ended up walking a half-mile on the narrow shoulder of North Capitol Street, screaming in terror every time a car whizzed by. By the time I arrived at the cottage, I was a sweaty, frazzled mess.

My woes, of course, pale in comparison to President Lincoln’s. When he moved into the cottage in the summer of 1862, the Civil War was raging and the president was reeling from the recent death of his 11-year-old son Willie.

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