The Lincoln Fish

By Katie Needham

Abe Fish

On the Armed Forces Retirement Home’s campus (AFRH), where President Lincoln’s Cottage is located, two fish reside in the residents’ library.  They swim about all day, watching the library visitors and keeping tabs on the daily occurrences. 

The first fish has a visible “bump” on his head, distinguishing him from the second fish.  He seems content to mind his own business, leisurely swimming back and forth.  The other fish is quite the opposite, and most residents would agree that she is intent on bothering her companion.  She is often seen chasing the first fish around the tank.

The AFRH residents chose names for the fish when they were first adopted, and the names seem to have taken hold.

Yes, you guessed it – the fish are named Abe and Mary.  You can probably guess which fish is which.

Ms. Needham is the former Office Coordinator at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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