The Baltimore Sun: Thanksgiving is over. Now what? 8 things to do in Baltimore with (or without) your relatives


Hampden's famous 34th Street holiday lights displays kick off this weekend.

It’s Friday. Thanksgiving 2019 is in the rear-view mirror, the turkey has been reduced to leftovers, the yuletide season is about to be in full swing.

But still, there’s this weekend, the one after Thanksgiving. It’s the one where you need to work off all that overindulging you did, the one where you still have to entertain family and friends who won’t be heading home for a few more days, the one that still kinda feels like a holiday (seriously, having to work the day after Thanksgiving ought to be outlawed), but isn’t.

Looking for something that will accommodate your post-turkey hangover? Here are eight suggestions, all special, all geared to providing a good time for just you or you and a bunch of your best buds, all happy to help bridge the gap between turkey dressing and Christmas fruitcake. And tacked on to the end, for those who have had enough of friends and family and desperately need a little breathing space, we’ve include a trio of activities that offer at least the feeling of alone time. Because sometimes, even during the holidays, the only person you want to hang out with is yourself.

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