Tennessean: The importance of learning your history will never go away. Visit a museum | Opinion

Exciting things are happening at local historic sites, and more Americans are taking notice. Despite reports of college history majors dwindling and iconic historic sites losing visitors, new research reveals that a growing number of Americans are visiting history institutions.

The American Association for State and Local History announced that visitation to history museums, historic sites, and other historical organizations increased nearly 6% since 2013. Across the country, historical organizations of all types and sizes welcomed larger audiences last year than they did earlier in the decade.

It appears Americans are as engaged with history as ever.

Throughout the U.S., history institutions are drawing on new interpretations and new tools to captivate and expand their audiences. Local historical societies, national museums, and everywhere in between, are making the past more relevant to growing crowds. They are finding that, when history is relevant and personally meaningful, they can reach an increasing number of visitors not just among out-of-towners, but within their local community. By emphasizing universal lessons about historical resilience, cooperation, patriotism, and inclusion. Historical organizations help visitors apply history’s lessons to their own lives and develop solutions for the future.

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