Team Lincoln: Robert Rixman, Woodford Reserve

Robert Rixman, Field Marketing Manager with Woodford Reserve

We sat down with Field Marketing Manager, Robert Rixman from Woodford Reserve to discuss our partnership.

What made you want to partner with President Lincoln’s Cottage in the first place?

Learning about the great nonprofit work Lincoln’s Cottage does preserving Abraham Lincoln’s legacy drew us to partner with Lincoln’s Cottage in the first place. Additionally, just like Abraham Lincoln, Woodford Reserve was also “born” in Kentucky. It’s a perfect match.

Why do you think Woodford Reserve is a good match for our Bourbon and Bluegrass event? Why would you recommend someone attend the event?

Just like Abraham Lincoln, Woodford Reserve was also “born” in Kentucky. Our home sits less than 100 miles from Lincoln’s birthplace at a historic site where whisky was first distilled in 1812 three years after Lincoln’s birth. Woodford Reserve’s story started later, though, when in 1996 our Master Distiller set out to create world’s most complex and flavorful bourbon. We are always looking for great events to connect with consumers and share our story as well as a finely crafted cocktail. We’ll feel right at home at the Bourbon and Bluegrass event, and we think those who are thinking about attending will too!

If Lincoln were to drink (he’s famously noted as one of our few presidents who didn’t drink), which drink would you make him?

I’d go with something simple, straight forward, and time-tested like a mint julep, with Woodford Reserve of course!

What’s your favorite Lincoln fact?

My favorite thing about Lincoln is that he was defeated in multiple elections, but never gave up and ultimately became President of the United States.


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