Team Lincoln: Paul Ruppert

Paul Ruppert (center) and friends at Bourbon & Bluegrass, May 2017

We’re thrilled that Paul Ruppert, local business owner and friend of the Cottage, continues to lend his support. We wanted to shine a light on everything Paul does to help support President Lincoln’s Cottage and the community:

You seem to be the unofficial king of Petworth. For readers who are unaware, which businesses do you own?

I own Petworth Citizen, Slim’s Diner, and Upshur Street Books (all on Upshur Street.)

Why did you pick Petworth to start your businesses?

I grew up in D.C. and had lots of friends in high school who lived in Petworth. Petworth has always had a quintessential charm that is uncommon these days. And it has a mix of people that I find energizing.

How did you first become involved with President Lincoln’s Cottage?

We’ve held a number of Happy Hour fundraisers for Lincoln’s Cottage at Petworth Citizen, including the past Giving Tuesday last December and Do More 24, this past June.

Paul Ruppert poses with his #unselfie for PLC’s Giving Tuesday, December 2016

Can you explain the extent of your involvement?

I’m a big supporter of the work to restore the Cottage plus the dedication to shine a light on ending modern-day slavery.

What is your favorite program or event at the Cottage? Why?

My favorite event is Bourbon & Bluegrass – it’s always a great day on the grounds with music and delicious drinks.

If Lincoln could hang out anywhere on Upshur St today (besides the Cottage), which would be his “haunt?”

Petworth Citizen would be perfect for President Lincoln. It offers delicious food and drinks in a welcoming atmosphere. A perfect place to discuss the challenges of the day.

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