Team Lincoln: Marc, Kimberly, and Juliana Goldwein

If you follow us on social media, chances are you have seen Juliana, arguably one of the tiniest (maybe cutest?) members of Team Lincoln.  Her parents, Marc and Kimberly Goldwein often tag her in photos, flanked with her Lincoln doll. This month we explore how this young family, who live right down the street from Lincoln’s house, initially got involved and invested in President Lincoln’s Cottage:

Marc and Kimberly Goldwein with daughter Juliana

How did you first hear about President Lincoln’s Cottage? How did you first get involved?

We love going on walks around Petworth. When we first moved to the neighborhood, we always saw signs for Lincoln’s Cottage but could never find that small wood cabin in the middle of urban Northwest DC. All we ever found was a very large gated estate with a golf course, security cameras, and military insignia. Once we figured out Lincoln’s Cottage was on the campus of that Armed Forces Retirement Home – and that it was no log cabin – we visited and immediately fell in love. As we learned more about President Lincoln’s experiences spending summers right here in Petworth, we had to get more involved.

What is your favorite program at President Lincoln’s Cottage?

Lincoln’s Cottage has so many great programs and events, but I think we’ve had the most fun at Bourbon and Bluegrass. There’s great music, smooth bourbon cocktails, tasty BBQ, and a really nice ambiance. During Bourbon and Bluegrass, the Senior Preservationist at Lincoln’s Cottage also offers a special ‘architecture and preservation’ tour of the cottage, which is a favorite experience of ours!

I know you live in the neighborhood; how long have you lived in Petworth? (I too live in the ‘hood. I live in Park View, so, hi neighbor!)

Marc moved to Petworth in 2012 and Kimberly followed in 2014. Juliana became a Petworth resident when she was born in July of 2017 (and yes, in her first six months alive she’s already been to Lincoln’s Cottage several times). The three of us live in a row home off of Georgia Avenue that Kimberly has been renovating. Little by little, we’ve convinced our friends to follow our move to Petworth – and many now have their own kids. 

When you’re so small you’re the same size as the doll (Baby Juliana Goldwein)

How would you describe Petworth? How has it changed since you’ve lived here?

Petworth is a little village within the city. When Marc first moved to Petworth, Chez Billy had just opened and there were rumors of a Safeway renovation on its way. Over the past few years, we’ve watched Petworth evolve into one of the hottest neighborhoods in D.C., while maintaining its small village feel. We love being a part of the ever-growing residential and small business community. 

How do you all typically spend a weekend? What do you do, Monday-Friday?

Monday through Friday, Marc works at a think tank focused on federal budget policy. Kimberly recently started her own newborn and family photography business ( and loves capturing Petworth families’ stories. Juliana mostly naps, eats, plays with her President Lincoln doll, and laughs with her best friend Jake and their shared nanny Nonie. 

On the weekends (and nights when its warmer out), the three of us like to go on walks around Petworth, go to farmers markets, eat out at local bars and restaurants, cook, hang out with friends, travel to Loudoun County Virginia, relax on our front porch, and of course visit Lincoln’s Cottage. We also enjoy making sandwiches for Martha’s Table and participating in events as part of the Sixth and I community. 

Where do you think Lincoln would hang out in Petworth? (besides the Cottage of course)

If he was able to successfully evade his military escort, we think Lincoln would probably head toward the 8th street block of Upshur Street. He might start out at Ruta Del Vino for an outdoor cocktail, then grab dinner at Timber Pizza or Himitsu, and sneak in a night cap at Hank’s Cocktail Bar or Petworth Citizen. After winning the Civil War, abolishing slavery, and restoring the union, Uncle Abe deserves the chance to kick back. 

Why, in your own words, should someone become a member of Team Lincoln, or visit the Cottage?

Lincoln’s Cottage isn’t just a historic monument, it’s a community. It’s so cool to have such rich history right here in Petworth. Lincoln’s Cottage leverages that history while also connecting its exhibits, seminars, and events to what’s happening today. Everyone in D.C. should tour the Cottage at least once, and we’d really encourage those in neighborhood to join Team Lincoln and become part of the community.

Older, wiser, now only slighter bigger than the doll (Juliana Goldwein)


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