Students Opposing Slavery Assembly: Students Lead the Way

To kick off the SOS International Youth Summit, the four founding students (Henry, Emily, Daniel, and Jonathan) led the group in an assembly on modern slavery. Through research, interactions with modern abolitionists, and a trip overseas, the students learned how slavery affects their local and global community. The founders created this assembly to educate other students about modern slavery. Not only did the students create this assembly, but also presented it in their schools. Today we had the chance to listen and learn from them.

“How many slaves do you have working for you? I have 39 slaves working for me.”

One thing the founders shared with us is Slavery Footprint. The site asks you a series of questions, such as, How many cars do you own? What do you eat? What do you wear? These questions lead to how many slaves around the world work for you. Check out the video they made that explains how it all works.

The Founders are inspiring the rest of the students to take on their fight against modern slavery. Starting with just a four students, the founders think it’s great that there are more students in this Summit. The movement is growing. We all want to be the generation that says, “ENOUGH.”

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