Staff Spotlight: Staff Book Recommendations

Senior Museum Program Associate Lacey Shaw with her top pick, Did Lincoln Own Slaves?

For National Reading Month, President Lincoln’s Cottage staff is getting into the spirit. Read below for some of the staff’s top picks:

Kevin Lukacs’ Pick

The Presidents’ War: Six American Presidents and the Civil War That Divided Them

This book looks at five ex-president’s on Lincoln’s life and what they did during the Civil War, and how they helped create it. There’s tons of political intrigue, and helps deepen knowledge of lesser known names like Fillmore and Pierce. 

Lacey Shaw’s Pick

Did Lincoln Own Slaves? And Other Frequently Asked Questions About Abraham Lincoln

Did Lincoln Own Slaves? answers all of the questions that typically come to mind when you think of Lincoln. It’s also easy to read and concise. I highly recommend this as a primer to Lincoln and his life. 

Diana Chicas’ Pick

Stealing Secrets: How a few daring women deceived generals, impacted battles, and altered the course of the Civil War

Sex, scandal, and Civil War! These are a few of my favorite subjects that are talked about in this book. I loved all of the great stories of strong and powerful women who didn’t let social norms stop them from fighting for what they believed in. These stories of loyalty and political espionage gave me a better understanding of the women who forever changed the course of American history. 

Sahand Miraminy’s Pick

Mrs. Lincoln: A Life

I highly recommend Mrs. Lincoln: A Life by Catherine Clinton. This book takes the reader into the fascinating life of the First Lady. Mary Lincoln was a champion for her husband, an advocate for the plight of enslaved African Americans, and very outspoken. By gaining a better understanding of Mary Lincoln, I’ve also learned more about her husband and the Cottage. 

Ashlee Anderson’s Pick

They Knew Lincoln

They Knew Lincoln by John E. Washington is a collection of histories gathered and compiled from African Americans who personally knew the President. This unique book has not been published since 1942. It’s an integral work in Lincoln history! (Ed Note: we recently held a Cottage Conversation about They Knew Lincoln with Kate Masur. Stay tuned for details on coverage.)


To purchase any of these books, stop by the Museum Store located in the Visitor Education Center during regular operating hours (9:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday) or call 202-829-0436 extension 0.

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