Staff Spotlight: Dream Visitors to the Cottage

President Lincoln’s Cottage is lucky to have welcomed a multitude of VIPs and celebrities throughout its ten years of being open to the public. While we’ve hosted Prince Charles and Camilla, President William J. Clinton, First Lady Laura Bush, First Lady of the Republic of Korea Kim Yoon-ok, Cabinet Secretaries Colin Powell and Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sally Fields, Alex Trebek, and more, we’ve asked our staff to compile a list of dream guests who haven’t visited the Cottage, yet. A birthday dinner for the Obamas? A private tour for the Notorious RBG? Hey, a person can dream. To all those reading, consider this an open invitation:

My dream visitor to the Cottage would be Bernie Sanders. He is someone who I think the Cottage could have a profound impact on, and in turn I think his stance on many issues reflect what we here at the Cottage value and stand for. I would love to have him here to take a tour and speak. – Lacey Shaw

One of my dream visitors is Rick Steves. I’ve purchased his guidebooks for every destination to which I’ve traveled. His off-the-beaten-path walks are the best; he hasn’t steered me wrong yet. I am confident he’d find the Cottage in-line with the other experiences he writes about. – Callie Hawkins

I would love for Max Scherzer to visit President Lincoln’s Cottage. Max is the Washington Nationals ace pitcher, striking out 300 batters this past season, and is in the running for a third straight Cy Young award. In addition, he and his wife Erica are dedicated to fighting modern slavery. Erica is an ambassador for Polaris, a partner organization with the Cottage, and the two of them matched donations to Polaris for every strikeout Scherzer threw in a season. Having them come to the Cottage for a tour would show them the connections between what Lincoln struggled with, and what we struggle with today. Plus, Max would then know to root for Abe in the Presidents Race at Nationals Park. – Zach Klitzman

In the spirit of socialite and hostess with the mostess, Mary Todd Lincoln, I’d love to invite Ina Garten to President Lincoln’s Cottage to create and cook a Lincoln-inspired menu. (One of Lincoln’s favorite foods was a nice roast chicken, and coincidentally, that’s Ina’s claim to fame). Not only is Ina my culinary queen, but she’s a smart cookie with a presidential connection, much like MTL. Before owning a specialty food-store, landing cookbook deals and a show on Food Network, she worked in the White House Office of Management and Budget under Presidents Ford and Carter where she was responsible for writing the nuclear energy budget. – Jenny Phillips

For this, I gotta throw my vote to Dave Grohl, the leader of The Foo Fighters. He’s a local guy (from Springfield, Virginia) and always seems like he has a heart of gold. I’d love for the whole band to come to the Cottage, but Dave Grohl would make my entire life. – Nathaniel Hodges

I would love for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to return to the Cottage for a tour. I’d love to hear her thoughts on the challenges of interpreting the Constitution in an evolving world and how to grapple with its uncomfortable compromises on slavery. I’d also be excited to speak with her about what it takes to find meaningful places for reflection. – Joan Cummins

My dream visitor would be Donald Trump. The Cottage offers critical insight into what makes a great leader, and every sitting President has a duty to come here. – Sahand Miraminy

It would be a dream to have the Obama family to the Cottage for dinner. Being a First Family is a unique situation that few can understand. I believe the Obama family would benefit from a quiet evening together in the very place Lincoln spent with his family. I would also think Conan O’Brien needs to visit the Cottage. As a child, O’Brien created a comic book in which Lincoln was the hero. Lincoln is O’Brien’s hero. I think he would appreciate the intimate Cottage experience. I also want Ross Mathews to visit. I’m a big fan. I want him to come because I believe Mathews is a brave American. He lives his life truthfully and brings joy and kindness to every project. I think all brave people should visit President Lincoln’s Cottage. – Michelle Martz




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