Smithsonian Magazine: At Abraham Lincoln’s Cottage, Artist Georges Adéagbo Pays Homage to the Great Emancipator

The award-winning Beninese artist unveils a work dedicated to the president’s “generosity of heart”

Georges Adéagbo’s French is animated and colloquial; he speaks at length, but his translator is precise with his wording.

“Lincoln was destined like Moses. He had his mission to save the children of Israel who became slaves of Egyptian pharaohs,” the translator explains. “Georges is fascinated by strong destinies even though it makes them sacrifice their personal lives. There are people who are strong enough to make decisions. The fact that Lincoln was assassinated, Georges sees parallels with Kennedy and Gandhi.”

Students from Howard University are with the artist, helping to prepare his installation Create to Free Yourselves: Abraham Lincoln and the History of Freeing Slaves in America, in the rooms throughout President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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