Sharing the Fight: Launching SOS Chapters

Natasha attended the inaugural SOS Summit at President Lincoln’s Cottage. Here, she shares her thoughts on launching an SOS chapter at her high school.

Empowered from the Students Opposing Slavery summit this summer, I was eager to start an SOS chapter at my school with my peers.

We kicked off the clubs’ fair with a generous amount of support from the students and administration, and as students walked by our Students Opposing Slavery poster, many students asked us, “Slavery? I thought it already ended two hundred years ago.” Even though slavery is illegal everywhere, modern-day slavery happens in all places. Modern slavery is so pervasive in our lives, and we don’t even realize it.

I’m extremely excited to share the fight against modern slavery with my peers. Something I took away from the summit was the power of the youth. I might not realize it, but students like us have an enormous capability to change our world through social media. We can be responsible consumers, use pop culture to send the right messages, and educate our peers. The fight against modern slavery has countless routes by which we can make a change, and that’s what I love about being a part of this movement.

In the video below, Natasha reflects on modern slavery:

Pictured above: Natasha (far right) joined SOS participants and hundreds of abolitionists at President Lincoln’s Cottage for UNBOUND, a walk uniting the movement to end human trafficking.

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