President Lincoln's Cottage, One of Washington's "Best Things To Do"

By Callie Hawkins

After hearing from many visitors that President Lincoln’s Cottage is Washington, DC’s best kept secret, I have become interested in finding out how our visitors hear about our site in our second year open to the public.  I was intrigued one afternoon after giving a tour when a visitor told me that her family launched an “off the beaten path” vacation to explore new or lesser known historic sites in east coast cities.  To help them plan their trip, they consulted TripAdvisor, a website dedicated to providing unbiased recommendations and reviews of hotels, historic sites, and restaurants nationwide.  As a Lincoln buff, she was surprised to find President Lincoln’s Cottage, a Lincoln site she’d only recently heard of, rated an astonishing #28 out of 279 of TripAdvisor’s “Best Things To Do” in Washington.  For this visitor, the fact that President Lincoln’s Cottage received a traveler rating of  4 ½ out of 5 stars, combined with information from previous visitors regarding ticket purchases, directions, and comments calling the Cottage “A do not miss on your DC trip!” all made for a very compelling case to visit President Lincoln’s summer retreat with her family.  I took it as a good sign when she smiled and said that TripAdvisor had never steered her wrong!

For more information on visiting President Lincoln’s Cottage, see our official website: /.

 For a complete list of Washington’s 279 “Best Things To Do,” visit TripAdvisor on the web at

Ms. Hawkins is the Education Coordinator at President Lincoln’s Cottage.
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