President Lincoln's Cottage Makes Washingtonian's List of "Hidden Gems"

Washingtonian Magazine

Washingtonian MagazineThe April Issue of Washingtonian Magazine featured 62 “hidden gems” in the Washington, DC region, including President Lincoln’s Cottage. Although the site has been open for over two years, it is still unknown to many, which makes it perfect for this list of fascinating places that are “off-the-beaten-path.”

Dan Mote, president of the University of Maryland, commented on his experience at President Lincoln’s Cottage, “the restoration is authentic…to be in his (Lincoln’s) presence is quite amazing.”

As spring approaches, it is an ideal time to visit President Lincoln’s Cottage. President Lincoln and his family moved to the Soldiers’ Home in June and stayed until November of 1862, ’63 and ’64.  So whether you are here to see the storied cherry blossoms around the tidal basin, or visiting any other time of the year (we are open year-round!), try leaving the well-worn tourist path of the National Mall behind, and take a relaxing trip about three miles north to Lincoln’s presidential retreat in northwest Washington, D.C. 

Tours of the Cottage are offered on the hour.  For more information and to reserve your tickets visit our website:

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