Preservation Spotlight: The West Balcony

The West Balcony was reconstructed during the exterior restoration of the Cottage in the fall of 2004. The only original/early material that remained at that time were the north and south and engaged posts and the upper rail, rail caps and post caps.  

The West Balcony during the 2004 restoration

In late 2018, evidence of moisture related deterioration began to appear on the south newel post. After removing the post base trim, it became apparent that the damage was more significant than initially presumed. 

Significant damage to the base of the south newel post 

The decision was made to remove the entire railing system and all of the flooring to inspect for additional damage and determine a method of reconstruction that would not allow for future moisture related deterioration. 

Removal of the entire west balcony except for the framing 

New Accoya wood decking installed

Installation of a metal post system to hold newel posts in place and prevent future deterioration. 

New Accoya wood newel post mounted over the metal post 

After the completion of the west balcony restoration in the summer of 2019, the only remaining original components are the upper rail and engaged posts (the newel posts attached to the Cottage wall). 

The west balcony as it looks today.

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