Passing the Torch: Spring Free 2014

On the fourth day of the Students Opposing Slavery International Summit, student participants were joined by their families, friends, anti-trafficking leaders, and President Lincoln’s Cottage supporters for Spring Free, an evening reception benefiting the SOS program. From the Cottage veranda down onto the South Lawn, energized students shared their experiences at the Summit with the supportive crowd. A few students and leaders gave thoughtful reflections to the whole audience (watch a video clip below). Many thanks to all who attended in support of the young abolitionists!

“I believe that each and every one of us can end human trafficking. So when I went inside Lincoln’s Cottage, I felt as if Lincoln… he talked about his unfinished work, you know. He understood that slavery hadn’t completely ended. I feel that he was passing the torch on to us. And I believe that we will [be], and we are, the generation that says enough.”

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