"Now Debate This" Contestants Visit President Lincoln's Cottage

By Jasper Collier

On August 1st, the sixteen contestants of “now Debate this” toured President Lincoln’s Cottage as part of their 15 day, 6 city road trip designed to immerse them in the lives of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  The students took at tour of the Cottage and participated in a debate on Lincoln’s Emancipation policy through the award winning “Lincoln’s Toughest Decisions” program located in the Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

Now Debate This Contestants in Front of President Lincolns Cottage

“Now Debate This” Contestants in Front of President Lincoln’s Cottage

The contestants will engage in debates focusing on these two national figures, eventually competing for a $150,000 scholarship. Updated news as well as contestant blogs can be viewed at the contest website by clicking here: http://www.nowdebatethis.com/v2/

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Mr. Collier is a 2008 Summer Intern at President Lincoln’s Cottage
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