National Trust for Historic Preservation: Discover the Hidden Treasures of President Lincoln's Cottage

A stray button here, an empty cracker box there—anyone who has lived in an old home has likely come across an unusual historic item at some point, hidden away behind a baseboard heater or tucked in the corner of a closet. At President Lincoln’s Cottage, a National Trust Historic Site in Washington, D.C., tiny scraps of history found between 2001 and 2006 will be on display throughout May 2018 for its originALs: Hidden Objects museum exhibit. Jenny Phillips, External Communications Coordinator at the Cottage, says, “[The objects] span time periods and purposes, but all were found in or around the Cottage, and have never been on display to the public until now.”

The Cottage’s Senior Preservationist, Jeffrey Larry, curated each object currently on display. Larry also posted photos of the objects he found on his personal Instagram account, which he uses to document historic architecture and items. He photographed a Carter’s Ink bottle (right), dated to the late 19th or early 20th century. Carter’s was a Boston-based company, founded in 1858. It was once the largest ink manufacturer in the world.

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