National Trust for Historic Preservation: 14 “Cool” Historic Landmarks Across the Country

You may be under the impression that heating and cooling systems have no place in historic sites or old homes, particularly when they might jeopardize a building’s architectural integrity. However, place-lovers don’t need to choose between historical accuracy and comfort when it comes to the innovative technology provided by small-duct systems.

Unlike standard HVAC systems, small-duct systems save space, decrease humidity, are energy efficient, and can even be painted over to match a home’s interiors. That’s why Unico—maker of The Unico System small-duct central heating and cooling solution, and a corporate partner of the National Trust since 2002—advocates for modernizing notable landmarks while preserving historic integrity.

Check out this list of 14 cool (literally) historic places around the U.S., many of which are open to the public.

An Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) building is just beyond President Lincoln's Cottage. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation

President Lincoln’s Cottage—Washington, D.C.

Restored in 2008 through a capital project by the National Trust, this historic site and museum is the only place where visitors can experience the history of President Lincoln’s public and private life. A conventional HVAC system would have required removing portions of the cottage’s historic ceilings, walls, and floors to run new ductwork, so the National Trust recommended The Unico System.

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