Mommy Poppins: Social Studies: The Girl Who Ran

Tue Sep 8, 2020
$25/4 people; $35/8 people

Brave girls—and boys—are invited to President Lincoln’s Cottage for this program that teaches them about Bobbi Gibb’s history-making Boston Marathon run and allows them to participate in a socially distant fun run, too.

Program includes: Group reading of The Girl Who Ran: Bobbi Gibb, The First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon, by Frances Poletti & Kristina Yee and Illustrated by Susanna Chapman. Create a motivational poster to encourage yourself when self-doubt arises and participate in an individual “Fun Run” while remaining socially distanced

To ensure safe social distancing, admission includes a reservation for a table for each family/group to use during and after the program. Tables come in sizes for up to 4 people or up to 8 people. Pack a picnic to enjoy after the end of the program.

In accordance with Mayor Bowser’s Order 2020-080, visitors three years and older are required to wear face masks while outside. Security at the gate will ask to see your masks before allowing you to enter the grounds.

President Lincoln’s Cottage is on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home. Security for the Armed Forces Retirement Home requires visitors to show valid identification at the security gate in order to enter the property.  Please be prepared to show your ID.

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