Make Freedom Ring: Underground Railroad

This post is part 3 of the self-emancipation blog series.

Serious dangers lay along the Underground Railroad.

Listen to the song “Wade in the Water.” What do the lyrics help you picture? Most freedom seekers ventured by foot at night. During the day, they found safer haven in swamps and woods by rivers and streams. They also stayed in the barns and houses of free African Americans and white abolitionists.

The song “Wade in the Water,” talks about water as a metaphor. What this song represent to you? What do you think it says about the experience of someone escaping along the Underground Railroad?

Brittany C., an interpreter at President Lincoln’s Cottage and a masters student in the American University Public History program, created a website for a project in her history and new media course. Through creative use of audio and visual aids, Make Freedom Ring explores the idea of agency among enslaved people.

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