Make Freedom Ring

This post is part 1 of the self-emancipation blog series.

Imagine that the year is 1863. You are a slave in one of the states of the Confederacy. Which of the following choices will you take?

You could remain a slave. You could gain your freedom by joining the military. You could try to find and follow the Underground Railroad.

Brittany C., an interpreter at President Lincoln’s Cottage and a masters student in the American University Public History program, created a website for a project in her history and new media course. Make Freedom Ring explores the idea of agency among enslaved people. Agency is the will, or ability, that a person has to believe and to act. We can exercise agency to show our inner strength, or we can exercise agency to show resilience. By combining storytelling, questioning, and interpretation elements, Make Freedom Ring provides a digital presentation that is part online exhibition, part visual and auditory storybook.

Take some time to browse the website: Every Wednesday in June and early July 2013, visit the President Lincoln’s Cottage Multimedia page and/or Facebook page as we explore a different path toward self emancipation.

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