Lincoln Glass Returns to the Cottage

By Erin Carlson Mast

President Lincoln’s Cottage recently acquired a glass purportedly used by

Glass Used by Lincoln Returns to President Lincoln's Cottage

Lincoln on his last visit to the Soldiers’ Home. It is unclear whether the reference to Lincoln’s last visit is in relation to his last ride out to the Home or if it is a reference to his last season in residence at the Home. Lincoln’s last recorded visit to the Home was April 13, 1865, one day before his assassination.

The crystal glass is a direct match to the Lincolns’ White House crystal service and was found in the attic of a famous author’s home in Boston, Massachusetts, along with papers relating to Richard Henry Dana, who was a U.S. Attorney during the Civil War and met with
Lincoln in D.C. on at least two occasions.

The goblet represents a tangible link to the Lincolns’ life at Soldiers’ Home. It will be displayed in the Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

This acquisition was made possible through the generosity of Ruff and Susan Fant.

First published as “Lincoln Goblet Returns to the Soldiers’ Home” in the President Lincoln’s Cottage quarterly newsletter, volume 3, 2008.
Ms. Mast is the Curator for President Lincoln’s Cottage.
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