Lincoln Bicentennial at President Lincoln's Cottage

On February 12th the nation will celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday. To commemorate this occasion, President Lincoln’s Cottage will open the special exhibition, My Abraham Lincoln, which will present Lincoln artifacts and memorabilia from private collections around the country. This exhibit–and a companion online component to be launched in late 2009–will explore the enduring fascination with Abraham Lincoln and the myriad motivations for honoring Lincoln’s legacy.

Objects on display include original political materials from the 1860 campaign, a complete set of all Punch magazines printed during the Civil War, a program from Lincoln’s funeral, a sterling silver edition of Gutzon Borglum’s Seated Lincoln, and Lincoln inspired memorabilia including an original set of 1923 Lincoln Logs.

My Abraham Lincoln will be on display from February 12 – December 31, 2009 in the Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

President Lincoln’s Cottage will be closed the morning of February 12, 2009 and will open at 12:30pm, offering tours at 1:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:00pm. To purchase tickets please go to: /visit/tickets.htm

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