June 2024 Newsletter

Bourbon & Bluegrass was a Barrel of Fun


More than 1,300 guests attended the two-day event, which raised more than $90,000 for the continued preservation of President Lincoln’s Cottage.

The talented musicians (Letitia Van Sant, Hubby Jenkins, Adeem the Artist, Jake Blount, David Wax Museum, Senora May) were selected in part because they use their voices to advocate for greater equity, enhanced understanding of history, and a feeling of belonging. They did so beautifully both days of the festival!

Thank you to the musicians, vendors, and fabulous guests who braved the rain to party for preservation!


Ways to Honor Civic Season with President Lincoln’s Cottage

Civic Season, a movement begun by representatives from cultural institutions from around the country and Gen Z, begins on June 19th with Juneteenth and lasts through July 4th. We are delighted to offer a number of ways to participate.

  • Attend our Juneteenth program
    • Begin by diving deep into the history that led to Juneteenth with a guided tour of President Lincoln’s Cottage followed by our interactive program, Lincoln’s Toughest Decisions. This award-winning program uses primary sources to explore the different perspectives of President Lincoln’s adversaries, allies, and friends on the topic of emancipation.
  • Purchase the Brave Ideas Game
    • Bring playfulness to Civic Season when you purchase the Brave Ideas Game. This Cottage-created game inspires laughter, discussion, and innovation through social-emotional learning.This game was designed with middle-school students in mind, but it is fun for learners of all ages. We can all benefit from having fun while building skills in communication, consensus building, collective awareness, and civic engagement.
  • Support Students Opposing Slavery
    • Students Opposing Slavery will take place during the last full week of Civic Season. This award-winning program engages young people to combat human-trafficking around the world and in their own communities.Watch our video to learn more, and consider supporting this work by making a donation today!

President Lincoln’s Cottage in the News


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