Bourbon & Bluegrass was a Barrel of Fun 

Dom Flemons performing by Brian Rimm

Thank you, thank you to everyone who made our biggest fundraiser of the year, Bourbon & Bluegrass, a rollicking success. For two beautiful days over a thousand guests enjoyed specialty cocktails, delicious food, beards trimmed to perfection, preservation tours, and a stellar lineup with Grammy-winner Dom Flemons, Letitia VanSant, The Fly Birds, Adeem the Artist, and Nora Brown.

Together we raised over $115,000 to help preserve this special place for generations to come.

Getting to Know Seth Young

Welcome to our Historic Buildings and Grounds Technician, Seth Young!  Seth works alongside our Director of Preservation to ensure the integrity and overall appearance of our buildings and grounds. Our Marketing & Communications Manager, Rebecca, sat down with Seth in his lovely Cottage office to talk Petworth hotspots, Lincoln, stream conservation, and more.

Rebecca Kilborne: Hi Seth!  We are delighted you joined our small but mighty team.  What drew you to President Lincoln’s Cottage?

Seth Young: Thanks, Rebecca!  I have been interested in Lincoln and the Civil War for a while, and I thought helping to preserve such an important place in the history of our country would be an honor.  Plus, it didn’t hurt that I live only a few blocks away!

RK: Ah so you’re hyper-local.  What are some of your favorite neighborhood haunts? 

I love getting a beer and some barbeque at Cinder BBQ.  I also enjoy a combination of coffee and Ethiopian food at Buna Coffee House.

RK: Where were you before living here, and what were you doing?

SY: I spent several years doing conservation work for the Land Trust of Virginia, and most recently was involved in stream restoration work in Pennsylvania.  I am excited to build on the project management skills I developed in those roles while developing new skills here.

RK: You mentioned that you have long been interested in Lincoln. I have to ask, what is your favorite thing about him?

SY: I love the story of his meteoric rise.  Since I started working at the Cottage, I have thought a lot about the fact that Lincoln could see the unfinished Capitol dome from the south side of the Cottage, and the national cemetery filling with bodies from the north side.  He must have gone through so much inner turmoil here.  And it must have been the site of some of his few relaxing moments as president.

RK: Speaking of relaxation, what do you like to do when you are not maintaining historic grounds or improving water quality?

SY: I enjoy being outside– hiking and spending time with my wife and two dogs.

RK: Ah so you’re an animal lover like Lincoln.  Did you know his two goats used to roam these very rooms when he was president?

I did not know that, but I’m learning a lot about this place every day.  That’s one of the things I love about working here.

RK: What has been your very favorite thing about working here so far?

Bourbon & Bluegrass!  It was a wonderful introduction to the terrific team and the awesome wider community.

RK: We were thrilled for all of your help with that!  Final question: what is one book that everyone should read (besides the obvious: Lincoln’s Sanctuary)? 

Ha yes, I’m reading Lincoln’s Sanctuary now!  But as for another book everyone should read, I think Of Mice and Men.  It’s not too long, and it can secure a love of literature.  It did for me.  But my very favorite book of all time is Slaughterhouse-Five.

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