I was surprised by...

After two full days of the Summit, the students had plenty to think about. We broke down barriers with a ropes course at The Edge.  We understood Secondary Trauma from Katherine Chon. We listened to a survivor of human trafficking to understand who is vulnerable. To understand traffickers, we worked with Bradley Myles from Polaris Project to create a Trafficker’s Playbook. At the end of Day 2 we reflected on what we’ve seen, heard, experienced, and felt.

In order to put their reflections into words, we had a few students finish the following statement: “I was surprised by…”

I was surprised and horrified by our natural ability to think like traffickers and to be able to manipulate other people. – Henry Baderschneider Blondman

I was surprised by the fact that the survivor was still able to trust people after she was befriended by the people who controlled her and who she really trust.  – Chibunma

I was surprised by the way that man in the video who trafficked women was smiling as he was talking about the horrible things he did.

I was surprised by the survivor’s story. At first, I think to make a survivor tell his/her story in front of public is a bad idea, but this survivor is different case. She’s wonderful and full of positivity. – Grace Christina

I was surprised by the many things related to and involved with human trafficking and modern slavery. -Neiel Edmonds

I was surprised by how people bounced back from horrific stories such as the survivor we heard from today.

I was surprised by how intelligent and well spoken all the international students are! They have such interesting perspectives and ideas that were all very innovative. -Emily Sexton

I was surprised by how wide spread human trafficking is and how any person can become a victim. -Alfonso Ghislieri

I was surprised by how, the more I look into it, the more human trafficking can be broken down to the very basic actions and decisions humans are capable of. – Irene Laochaisri


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