Hon. Mike DeWine's Grand Opening Ceremony Remarks

By Erin Carlson Mast
With contribution from Hon. Michael DeWine

One of the distinguished speakers at the President Lincoln’s Cottage Grand Opening Ceremony, February 18, 2008, was former U.S. Senator Michael DeWine.

Hon. Mike DeWine addresses assembled guests at the Grand Opening Ceremony.

In his remarks, DeWine stated:

I remember my parents taking me as a child to visit sites connected with President Lincoln and other leaders and historical figures. My wife Fran and I did the same with our eight children. And, we look forward to taking our 11 grandchildren to these very same places in the future!
To understand a leader, you need to understand where he or she lived.
You can’t understand George Washington without knowing Mount Vernon.
You can’t understand Churchill without knowing Chartwell.
You can’t understand FDR without knowing Hyde Park.
And just the same, you can’t truly understand Abraham Lincoln without knowing this Cottage, where he spent a quarter of his presidency.

Read his complete remarks as prepared here:
Grand Opening Ceremony Remarks from former U.S. Senator Michael DeWine.

Remarks from other speakers at the Grand Opening Ceremony will be posted as they become available.

Ms. Erin Mast is Curator at President Lincoln’s Cottage. Special thanks to the Hon. Michael DeWine for allowing us to publish his remarks.
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