Hilltop Elementary is "All About Abraham"

Contributed by Mary Ellen Hughes

Hilltop Elementary has created an entire page of their website dedicated to the Lincoln bicentennial, called “All About Abraham.”

A collaboration of student and staff work, the website looks at important people and events in Lincoln’s life, from meeting and wedding Mary Todd to his debates with Stephen A. Douglas.

Ms. Hughes’ Overview of the Hilltop Elementary Lincoln Web Pages:

If you visit from the homepage: http://www.aacps.org/aacps/HILLTES/home.htm, just scroll to Eric’s drawing of Abraham Lincoln, where it says, “Happy 200th Birthday, Abraham Lincoln!” to go to the “All About Abraham” page.

Be sure to take the interactive online quiz, “What Do You Remember?” under Lincoln Lessons.  A former Hilltop student painstakingly created the unique graphics for Lincoln’s Lifeline.  Meet him in “About These Pages.” 

And don’t miss the flipbook on the Lincoln Memorial’s website that can be reached from our “Abraham Lincs.” It’s amazing!

Special thanks to Ms. Hughes and the students of Hilltop Elementary for letting us know about their Lincoln activities.

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 Ms. Hughes is a Computer Lab Tech at Hilltop Elementary, Glen Burnie Maryland
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