Fort Stevens Day

Fort Stevens, a National Park Service site in the District, is hosting a day of events for the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Stevens including speakers, reenactments, and concerts.

According to the Fort Stevens website,  events go from 10:00 AM—4:00 PM.  For more details, visit their site online:*

Did you know?

Fort Stevens is closely connected to the story of Lincoln’s presidency and the Soldiers’ Home.  On July 10, 1864, the Lincolns were urged by Secretary of War Stanton to evacuate the Cottage at the Soldiers’ Home for the White House.  The Soldiers’ Home was a strategically important location in the city, the seasonal residence of the President, and in a vulnerable part of the city’s ring of defense.  On July 11th, Confederate General Jubal Early began his assault on Fort Stevens.  That afternoon, Lincoln rode out to the fort and observed enemy fire.   Not until July 14th did the Lincolns return to the Cottage at the Soldiers’ Home, once the Battle of Fort Stevens had ended.

Fort Stevens is on our list of 10 places to visit near President Lincoln’s Cottage.  For the complete list of nearby places to visit, follow this link:

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