Finishing Lincoln's Unfinished Work

Attending the annual SOS International Summit is an eye-opening experience for all of the participants. They learn about the magnitude of this humanitarian crisis directly from leaders in the field. They discover the diverse forms that slavery can take in the modern world – from exploited domestic workers to young people coerced into the sex trade – and the shocking scope of human trafficking worldwide. And as they reflect on how slavery continues to impact communities around the world, they recognize their responsibility to realize Lincoln’s vision of a world without slavery.

SOS empowers young people to take action against modern slavery by organizing informative educational workshops, providing access to resources, and creating a global support network of activists working to fight human trafficking. In the video below, Molly, Cameron, and Abhishek – three 2014 SOS International Summit attendees – share what they are taking away from the Summit and discuss their plans to spread awareness of human trafficking.

As Abhishek says, we should not say that we cannot do it or that we are too young – can’t is the cancer of happen. “We are the generation that says ENOUGH.”

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